Belinda & Nick shared a very special ceremony overlooking Horseshoe Bay and Gulaga Mountain in Bermagui.  Set on top of the headland, they said their beautiful vows and the bridal party and I walked along the beach to document some fun moments.
Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer.  I think it may be my last for a while with the current situation.  Love, RaineB&N-4886B&N-4235B&N-4928B&N-4253B&N-4259B&N-4312B&N-4290B&N-4328B&N-4274B&N-4302B&N-4335B&N-5045B&N-4343B&N-4349B&N-4354B&N-4353B&N-4402B&N-4383B&N-4401B&N-4424B&N-4395BeFunky-collage-26B&N-4453B&N-4482B&N-4505B&N-4470B&N-4488B&N-4509B&N-4527B&N-4556B&N-4579B&N-4618B&N-4624B&N-4652B&N-4685B&N-4686B&N-4679B&N-4692B&N-5336BeFunky-collage-26B&N-4719B&N-5392B&N-5404B&N-5408B&N-4171B&N-4736B&N-4723B&N-4734B&N-4728B&N-4749B&N-4763B&N-4771B&N-4769B&N-4773B&N-4776B&N-4780B&N-4799BeFunky-collage-26B&N-4807B&N-4814BeFunky-collage-26B&N-4819BeFunky-collage-26B&N-4785

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