Ryan + Danielle were married in the company of only two witnesses.  Their stunning seaside wedding ceremony in Dalmeny was one of the most beautiful occasions I’ve had the pleasure of documenting. Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. Love, RaineD&R-1499D&R-752D&R-774BeFunky-collage(1)D&R-1529D&R-1530D&R-1134D&R-1552D&R-815D&R-1577BeFunky-collage(2)D&R-1502D&R-1581D&R-1546D&R-845BeFunky-collage-17D&R-1233BeFunky-collage-18D&R-1620D&R-1127D&R-1305D&R-897D&R-905D&R-915BeFunky-collage-23D&R-1687D&R-1333D&R-1345BeFunky-collage-25D&R-1355D&R-1727BeFunky-collage-24BeFunky-collage-20D&R-1769BeFunky-collage-22D&R-1804D&R-1752BeFunky-collage-19D&R-1813D&R-1819D&R-1821D&R-1828D&R-1848D&R-1806BeFunky-collage-21D&R-1863D&R-1862D&R-1861D&R-1860D&R-1822D&R-1810

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