Congratulations Jyothi & Mitchell on your beautiful March wedding at Corunna Farm.  While some would say the weather wasn’t ideal, from the very beginning you both embraced everything that was to come with big open hearts and such joy.
Your magical wedding day was pleasure to witness and a privilege to capture.
I wish you every happiness.


JM-21151.jpgJM-21183.jpgJM-21272.jpg4.jpgJM-21936.jpgJM-21735.jpgJM-21997.jpgJM-2523JM-2229JM-2220JM-22448.jpg11.jpg9.jpg10JM-215JM-22312.jpgJM-2393JM-234430.jpgJM-2358JM-2366JM-2379JM-244216.jpg15.jpgJM-2400JM-2403JM-2424JM-2426JM-2443JM-2444JM-2448JM-2435JM-2568JM-2563JM-265619.jpgJM-267320.jpgJM-2459JM-266017.jpgJM-2554JM-251721.jpgJM-255518.jpgJM-2566JM-2614JM-2622JM-2635JM-2654JM-2679BeFunky Collage.jpgJM-274313JM-2455

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