The last few months have been very busy! Sorry I’ve been quiet on here.  Here’s a quick preview of what’s been going on!


Congratulations Jess + Dave! Such a beautiful ceremony yesterday in Kioloa. Thanks for choosing me as your wedding photographer.

What a wonderful experience it was to photograph Baby Isla one day before she came into the world.  Maternity Photoshoot Bermagui.

The last few weeks have been a delight.

Bootcamp Session. There’s something pretty special about waking up with the sunrise and having your workout done by 7am.
Not a bad location for it either!

Happy Friday. Hope your weekend is glorious.

Dodging lighting at Pigeon House Mountain
Catching up on the week just gone.

My lovely cousin Ellen took some photos of me at one of my favourite beaches recently for my website 🙂

After a heavy week of rain the clouds finally parted just in time for Melissa and Brenton’s intimate wedding in Narooma.
Thank you very much for choosing me as your wedding photographer and I wish you every happiness for your future together.

Back from a lovely weekend at Rivervale.  I spent most of my time in my river hideout and then had a surprise visitor in the form of an Australian monitor.

My first wedding of the year went off without a hitch. Oh wait, there was just one..


I had a lovely week. I photographed a portrait session, got a cool haircut, took my nephews motorbike riding and moved into a glorious loft. I also spotted this beautiful rainbow lorikeet from my bedroom window. Very much looking forward to photographing a wedding on Friday in Narooma.

The clouds parted for my portrait shoot in Bermagui today.  I’m very fortunate to have some spectacular locations on the South Coast

McRae Family Portraits

Recent portrait photography, Narooma.  A man’s best friend.

The greatest gift you can give a child, is your time.

She found her own flame. Now watch her rise.

Happy New Year fellow Earthlings! Wishing you peace, love and happiness for your next journey around the sun. Don’t forget to pack your courage and your kindness.


Portrait photography, Batemans Bay.


2014 has been a year of tremendous personal growth for me.  In a sometimes bitter world we can find ourselves disheartened, and often drawn to reflecting the negative behaviours of others. When you choose to project goodwill and kindness regardless of how it is received, even when it goes unappreciated or unvalued, you empower yourself and foster your own personal growth.  You have the power and the choice to make your life positive.
I guess it comes back to the old ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right’ theory.
Feel free to share with me your own annual enlightenments.


Portrait photography, Narooma.

You can wait for the sun to shine or you can dance in the rain.


My 2016 calendar is now available for purchase via my online store



Hey Sydney music friends! I’ll be in your beautiful sandstone city this weekend only. Vamp up your music page or website with a very affordable photoshoot. Live or portrait sessions available with no minimum hours.
Friday – Saturday – Sunday
bookings@sunbirdphotography.com.au 0432 912 842
See you in the sunshine!



During the ice age vast glaciers formed between the mountains of Milford Sound.  Eventually melting and leaving behind huge crevices, this magnificent Fiordland is now considered by many to be the ‘The 8th Wonder of the World’



Some moments require no words.
Moruya birth photography


Just cooled off in this delightful body of water.  Bar Beach, Narooma.



For me, being outside inspires a feeling of wonder and delight. Like a kid in a playground. So much adventure awaits, roads to take, such discovery is to be made; a colourful expanse of fresh space welcomes my impermanent, frolicking toes.
Hope your weekend brings you equal cheer.


Snuggled up in my sleeping bag, and feeling very grateful. Nearly two weeks in NZ with my Grandfather, coming to a close. We have so much to learn from this wonderful, yet undervalued generation, and I am looking forward to working on an upcoming photography project to explore that very concept.


Thoroughly enjoyed The Catlins Coast, particularly Purakaunui Falls.

I also had a splendid day exploring the 30 hectare, world class Botanic Gardens, Dunedin. The extensive Arboretum’s first plantings go as far back as 1870. Thanks very much to those clever pioneers! Diverse range of species; Cedars of Lebanon, Sequoia of USA, to name a few. Also, a terrific aviary with a variety of International birds. Ahh, and not to forget this cute little busy, buzzy bee 🐝



Christchurch Botanic Gardens, unique with the lovely Avon River flowing through, is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. Well worth a visit.


Well, last night there was a frost. A frost indeed! Where I live in NSW, a frost only occurs on the coldest nights of winter. So basically I was inexperienced and rather ill-equipped (5 jumpers didn’t cut it) to be camping in the mountains. However, I didn’t mind so much that I lost feeling in my toes for about 12 hours, as I got to wake up in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Moke Lake. Oh yeah, I also got to share this view with my Grandfather, that part was pretty awesome too.



One of the least populous regions of New Zealand, the West Coast of the South Island is strikingly beautiful, with its rugged, driftwood lined coastline exposed to the full force of the Tasman.

Gosh I feel lucky to wake up in a place like this!

I had such a lovely day yesterday photographing the opening of Biamanga Cultural Area for Gulaga and Biamanga National Parks.
It was a real treat after all the rain we’ve had to see the falls in full flow, and to share in the celebration with smoking ceremony and Aboriginal dancers.
This beautiful location now has a wonderful paved picnic area, boardwalk, and BBQs for all the enjoy.
Don’t forget when visiting, to be respectful of the Yuin people, whom this site is extremely sacred to.

Family portrait, one year on.

This last week has been wonderful.  I was fortunate enough to witness, and photograph a beautiful little human coming into the world.  What an incredible experience.  We also had some much needed rain.

This beautiful woman inspires me every single day.  Maternity portraits.

Recent snaps

A little over a year ago now, I noticed this couple rowing in from their yacht as the sun set behind the Islands just off Paros, Greece. I approached them as they moored, and asked them if they would like me to email them a lovely picture that I had just captured of them coming into shore. To my surprise, they quite abruptly refused my offer, continued on their way, and admittedly I left feeling a little flat.
As I returned back to where I had captured the moment, I started to ponder why they would not be interested in a free photograph of themselves. Well, it didn’t take long for me to understand. We’re all so often caught up in the social and technological world, we do not take enough time out to smell the roses. Obviously their priorities aren’t aimed towards grooming the ego of the ‘sailing couple living the dream’, but rather living and breathing the moment they were in, bathed in the setting sun, and with each others company being more than sufficient for contentment.

No matter the strain of winter, spring is sure to follow.

What a pleasure it was doing a family portrait session with the beautiful Carter family recently.

Weekend explorations

Serenades from the Grades.
Had a wonderful time photographing Mr Grady yesterday. We met at Lefty’s Bar Brisbane, and went for a wander around the streets. Discovered some great little locations nearby, and finished in a quaint little bar. Looking forward to editing these shots.  I love my job doing music photography Brisbane.

 I thoroughly enjoyed this recent music photo shoot with the talented boys at Brigginshaw Band, Brisbane.  Music band photographer

Sydney Royal National Park landscape photography

I very much enjoyed this recent shoot for portrait and children’s photography in Brisbane.

Corporate Photography Quest.  Brisbane hotel photography.

I had the pleasure of photographing the fabulous Brigginshaw band for their Single Launch ‘Sweet Summertime’ at the Walrus Club, Regatta Hotel, Toowong, Brisbane Australia. What a great time I had being their Band Photographer.

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